Fall Reminiscing

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Fall Reminiscing


We had a full summer at our little homestead.  Fall was busy with travel to Nebraska and Hailey, Idaho for fiber festivals, garden harvest, and starting back to school.   Oh, and we had the nicest surprise!  A 15 oz stray kitten “chose” us when he fell into the window well.  He spent a rough few weeks sick and underweight, but he’s healthy and growing and very much loved now.  He’s a polydactyl cat and has two of the cutest little mitten feet you’ve ever seen.


I have several new colorways to introduce.  “Doorway to Heaven” was a custom request from an etsy customer–I fell in love with the color combination and have continued to carry it on both Meadowlark (80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon) and Chickadee (single ply merino). Shawl photo credit to G.
20160925_144542          icm_fullxfull-109720437_j3o92a8ptnw444skwg84

The morning we were set to leave for Trailing of the Sheep in Hailey, I woke up early with this colorway in my mind and I could not go back to sleep for thinking about it.  So I got up, dyed it, washed it,  dried it and took it with me (like you do).  Embers and Ash (formerly known as The Great Pumpkin Rises) is a delicious mix of spicy warmth and cool fall tones. It’s available on both Meadowlark and Chickadee. Lori of Mountain Girl Fiber Arts did a stunning Flangeflutti shawl for me, and I’m in love with it.
img_20161011_153056         received_10154699561009643

Oh! Another new one. . . although unintentional.  :)  I currently do my work in a little corner of the garage and my 3 year old often plays near me while I work.  On this day, I stepped away for 30 seconds to get more water, and well. . . this happened.  That’s not the dye ratio I usually use!

img_20161111_180759         img_20161113_134106
We worked together to fix it, we’re all living happily ever after, and there’s a very beautiful (and fully saturated) blue yarn (Bebe Blue) in the shop.  I held a skein back for her, of course, and she’s getting a little commission from each sale.

I have some new bases as well!  Osprey is a sport weight 80/10/10 and is fabulous for socks or sweaters.  Bluebird is a 90/10 Targhee wool/nylon blend that is also a great choice for socks! Targhee wool was developed at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station about 60 miles north of here, and I’m so excited to carry it in a sock base.  As pictured below, I also started carrying an absolutely sumptuous 70/20/10 MCN which we decided to name Nightingale, though it breaks the rules of naming fingering weight yarns after Idaho songbirds. I have it in Chaosium and Emerald Venom 750 yard skeins right now, and I’ll be adding more. I’m always open to hearing ideas for colorways, yarn bases, and other things you’d like to see in the shop as well as custom order requests.

20161208_212006          20161208_212114

Also this month, my bin of “Darns and Oops-s” is being turned into some lovely one-of-a-kind gradient sets.  Here are two, the first Absinthe (on single ply merino lace weight), and The Harvester on DK merino.

20161207_145402          20161207_144428

Christmas is coming quickly and it seems I’ve finally learned a bit from procrastination of years past. I’m nearly done with my shopping.  I was wondering what to do with myself and then I decided. . . I’ll focus on year end clearance!  And in the spirit of not putting things off, here’s a coupon code for 20% off (MERRY).  This one is good through December 16.  In addition to the code, I’ve already put some yarn on clearance and will continue to discount items throughout the month. This month, all codes will be given out by to my email list and on my blog the day before they’re advertised on social media.  Feel free to share them with friends (or even better, invite them to sign up for the newsletter).

Earlier this week, I received an email “opportunity” to collaborate with a company to “transform [my] artwork into professionally manufactured elegant apparel”.  I laughed, because you transform my work into handmade elegant apparel and that lines up exactly with the vision I have.  Keep sharing photos!  I appreciate your support and the opportunities you give me to create yarn for your beautiful projects.


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