Yarn Bases

These are yarn bases carried by Blue Savannah.  If you’re interested in a base listed here that isn’t currently available in my shop, please contact me to make a custom request.  I can reproduce most color ways and gradients on any of my available yarn bases.

Chipmunk – 80% merino/20% silk 2-ply
Hummingbird 100% merino single ply**
Dragonfly 100% silk 4-ply (product of Italy)

Chickadee – 100%  merino single ply**
Meadowlark 80% superwash merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon 3-ply
Sandhill Crane – 80% superwash merino/20% silk 4-ply
Loon 100% superwash merino 4-ply
Killdeer 100% superwash merino 2-ply*
Wren – 60% merino/20% silk/20% yak 3-ply (product of Italy)
Finch – 100% Blue-faced Leicester 3-ply

Osprey 80% superwash merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon 4-ply

Fox – 80% superwash Targhee wool/20% silk*
Marten – 85% Polworth wool/15% Tussah silk 3-ply
Coyote – 100% Superwash Merino 3-ply*
Lynx – 60% merino/20% silk/20% yak (product of Italy)

Pronghorn – 100% Uruguay merino (100Purewool) (single and 3-ply)
Caribou – 100% Targhee wool 3-ply*
Rockchuck – 100% fine merino (Cestari Fine) 3-ply*
Otter 60% merino/40% cultivated silk 4-ply
Bighorn – 100% superwash merino 4-ply*
Jackrabbit – 80% Targhee wool/20% silk*

Heavy Worsted
Bison – 100% merino (Cestari)*
Grizzly – 100% Targhee wool 4-ply*
Wapiti – 60% Merino/40% Silk single ply

Super Bulky
Moose – 100% merino single ply

*Product of USA
**Product of Canada